First things first, yes, J.D. is short for something - Jacquelyn Danell. Being the younger sibling, it was my dad's turn to name the child and he named me after a fine Tennessee whiskey. It is unbelievable, but hey, it's also a great icebreaker!

I was born in Southern California, raised in Texas and now currently living in the New York City area. It seems I'm making a slow migration eastward. Next stop Europe?! No no, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. 

I'm a huge dog person and my "little" one is a big, beautiful black lab named Shadow. She runs, jumps, drinks out of the toilet, swims in any body of water (including fountains at certain private Dallas universities), buries bones and yet, still manages to cross her legs when she's laying down. Such a classy broad.

Like any 20-something writer, I absolutely love to travel and I'm always looking for that next big adventure! Speaking of, here's a fun fact, I've been to the capital of 5 countries – none of which are my own. Riddle me that?

I have a passion for people and I'm always down for an interesting conversation, so let's talk!